Speaking at Accessible Yoga Conference held in Berlin 2018
The Original Spanish Sangha
Speaking at the Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, Virginia, USA in 2008
Receiving her humanitarian award from the Ashram in the USA in 2008
On holiday in Assissi, Italy, in 2014
which became a pilgrimage
With monks in Assissi

Speaking to teachers and students at an International School in Barcelona in 2019

Berlin Peace Conference, Brandenburg Gate 2009

Speaking at the ‘Beltane Bhaktifest’ Festival in the UK in 2017

With Hari Bandari of Clinic Nepal

A break from charity work in Nepal with a visit to Bhutan!

A visit to the CNN news studios in London in 2010

Teaching a Raja Yoga Course in Cornwall, UK

A kiss for the Dalai Lama
With renowned Mantra Singer Deva Premal
At the “Energy For Life” charity gala dinner to raise funds for research into Mitochondrial Disease
Nalanie’s daughter Shani, with Talia who has Mitochondrial Disease

Teaching a Raja Yoga Course in
Finland in 2017

A fun portrait

Charity work in Gibraltar
Giving hugs for charity in Gibraltar in 2011
Gibraltar Integral Yoga Centre graduates
Gibraltar Integral Yoga Centre graduates

Nalanie with her guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda

Guru kiss Nal
Swami Satchidananda and Mataji
Portrait of Sri Swami Satchidananda

On holiday in North Wales

Opening of L.O.T.U.S. Temple
Combiatore, India, 2014

Charity work in India 2011 – with Papa Vidiakar

Charity work in India 2011

Sponsoring Eye Operations in India
at Specialist Eye Hospital

With Beloved Mataji – a visit to Avila

Mataji visits Sotogrande

Mataji – the 90+ year old monk from
Yogaville in Virginia, USA

Receiving the Queen’s Award for Services to
Humanity from Sir Robert Fulton, Governor of
Gibraltar – 2008

Charity work in Nepal in 2008

Teaching Raja Yoga Courses in Quinta Da Calma, Portugal. Over the years, Nalanie has taught several Raja Yoga Courses and hosted several retreats at Quinta Da Calma on Portugal’s Algarve


Speaking at Radiant Yoga, where Nalanie gives monthly Satsangs

Speaking to a group of Russian Women in Marbella

Hosting a retreat in Seville, Spain, in 2010
Magic lights at the Seville retreat!

With Carmen Forne at ‘Molokai’, a centre for
people with special needs in Algeciras, Spain
supported by the IYC Gibraltar

Speaking at an international conference in Marbella

Giving a Raja Yoga Course in Swindon, UK

Giving a talk in Finland in 2012

Charity Work in Tanzania with children at a Leprosy Camp in 2013

With her partner, Les Roberts, Trustee of the Gibraltar charity, AKIN, in Tanzania in 2013 and with Efraem, their guide in Tanzania and his family. Nalanie personally sponsored the education of their daughter

Nalanie with her good friend Ulla Rapazote,
leader of the sangha in Estoril, Portugal

Speaking to Ulla’s sangha in Portugal

At the “Walking with Giants” conference in Liverpool, UK, which Nalanie attended with her daughter, Shani and granddaughter Talia

Nalanie with her best friend, Marina Nadal who heads up the Spanish charity ‘Vida Util’ which works in Nepal
Nalanie speaking at the World Peace Day Event organised annually by the Gibraltar IYC

Nalanie at the Satchidananda Ashram
Yogaville, Virginia, USA

A young Nalanie Harilela Chellaram!

Some early portraits of Nalanie