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Yoga Philosophy and the
Science of the Mind: Raja Yoga
Heal the Mind, Heal your Life

Raja Yoga is known as the King of Yogas.

It encompasses all the different branches of Yoga. For Raja Yogis the path is built up on ethical living, meditation, controlling one’s mind through practice and non-attachment.

However, we all know how difficult this is to do in practice.  Swami Vivekananda proclaimed that the most difficult battle is not with the world outside, but with the battle that lives in our own minds. And victory over our minds is the best victory ever – it leads to freedom and peace.

Minding the Mind

Watch your thoughts carefully. What are you thinking? Are you worried about anything? Are you fearful? Do you feel victimized? If you are feeling all these things, then your body will not be able to relax. Meditation becomes almost impossible. What to do?

Find a quiet place. Start to observe the thoughts rather than become involved in them. Why am I thinking these thoughts? They make me unhappy! Start to introduce other thoughts to your mind. Something that makes you laugh. Something that makes you happy. Think of someone you love and respect. Your mind will try and resist it. Keep at it. The first few days will be hard, but soon the new thoughts will overtake the old ones and within a short while you will start to feel happier, freer, not tied down to this awful weight called negativity which saps all your energy.

Another great method is using a mantra. The word mantra means ‘that which liberates the mind’. It is the repetition of a holy name which raises the vibrational frequency in your body.

Mind your mind constantly. Become the master, not the victim. If we can watch our thoughts, we can change them. That is our gift to ourselves. Heaven or hell exist only in our minds so choose to live in heaven. You deserve it. We all do.

May all be free from the chains of anger, fear, worry, doubt, lust, jealousy and greed. May we use the great tool of Yoga and connect with our higher Selves.

Yoga is much more than standing on your head and moving between different postures (termed ‘asanas’). It is a way of life; a way of understanding who we really are and of finding inner peace.

Behind the popular physical and meditative aspects of Yoga lies a significant and profound philosophy much older than many of the world religions. That philosophy is based on ancient Hindu texts which, at their essence, relate tenets and truisms present in all the major religions. The axiom Swami Satchidananda created for the Integral Yoga organization He founded is both exact and succinct: “Truth is One, Paths are Many”.

Nalanie has been teaching the philosophy of Yoga and the Science of the Mind for over 30 years. In that time, she has given one-off lectures and taught Raja Yoga courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels in many countries around the world. She is highly qualified and has developed a reputation as a teacher trainer in this field.

Nalanie is dedicated to relaying the many life tools Yoga provides to any and all who are seeking the truth, enabling them to find balance and peace. She is also a Yoga therapist and uses these tools during consultations with her clients.

Many of Nalanie’s talks (in Sanskrit Satsangs) have been recorded and appear on her YouTube Channel.
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Om Shanti, Om Peace!

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